what could be some good reasons to teach?

what could be some good reasons to teach?
i want to become a teacher.
it is for a personal essay!
please and thank you!

besides job security over the fact it is hard to get fired? 🙂

Here is why I like teaching:
– I love my subject (ELA) and I love showing my kids that it the world of reading and writing is fun and useful
– My kids keep me on my toes and I learn from them as well, I never stop learning as a teacher
– I feel like i’m giving back to my community
– While I can’t reach every child, I know I have touched the lives of many of my students. Some of them, I helped them grow not only as writers and readers, but as people. Others, I know I was the one teacher who was there for them.
– some days, I’m having a bad day and a kid will smile at me and be glad to see me (these are 8th graders!) or they will do something silly and it will change my day.
– and of course, my summers off!