What did you think of the AP Biology exam?

What did you think of the AP Biology exam?
I thought the essays were much harder then I expected… and how come there were only 100 questions? i thought there were 120?

Haha I was thinking the same thing when I saw that there were only 100 questions, since the two released exams I took (1999 and 2002) had 120. But then, I remembered my teacher saying that they changed it just recently… just to make the exam shorter, and they added a 10 minute reading period in an attempt to have students write more organized essays.

Everyone who had my AP Biology teacher previous years said that her tests make the AP exam look easy. I didn’t think the test was as easy as everyone in the past said it would be, but it was nowhere near as bad as the AP Stats test (everyone in the country is complaining about the multiple choice being hard). And as for the essay… I sat there during the 10 minute reading period, panicking because I didn’t know what to write. But I did answer every part of every question.

My teacher said that you need roughly an 80% on the multiple choice to get a 5. I got about an 81% on the 1999 test and an 83% on the 2002 test, and she told me the highest scorers in the nation usually only get 85%. I looked at the score conversion table for the 2002 test, and you don’t need THAT high on the multiple choice to get a 5; that’s just for kids who wrote really suckish essays.

Well, let’s hope for a huge curve! =P