What do colleges look for in a college essay? Some example topics?

What do colleges look for in a college essay? Some example topics?

College Essays are where you will want to tell a college of how you came to where you are in your life now like in your life experiences, what your values have, what your family values are, and how all of that ties in to why you are now wanting to do and pursue your educational goals.

I’ve looked over and checked a lot of college essays for friends. Especially ones for graduate schools. They all really follow that same principle where you need to let the school really get a feel for who you are on a personal level and how pursuing what you are will benefit you.

You want to show them you have a deep drive and passion and that you will work hard to accomplish what you want.

For instance, one of my friends is going into graduate school right now for education and she is currently finishing her major up in accounting. She started by giving them a background of herself and where her family comes from and how education has always been very important to them (she’s Korean and I’m Chinese so I totally understand). She then started to show what life experiences she has gone through and how it has molded her into her individual that she is now. She wants to pursue education so she can help children with Autism because her brother is Autistic. She goes on to explain the struggles of her experiences like working on a daily basis tutoring autistic children and how she triumphs in them to show how her character is built as well as her ethic for hard work and her love and passion for what she wants to do.

It’s just things like this that colleges are looking for in an Essay. You don’t want to sit there and talk about oh how great your grades are and show off. Obviously your transcript will speak for that. So, you want to show them your PASSION!!!! That is the KEY thing.

Remember to write it as professionally as possible. Do not crack jokes as this shows a level of unprofessionalism and makes you appear less serious. Remember to check punctuation and all of that jazz. I’m sure you’ve written enough to know it needs to be in perfect grammar and that your thoughts need to be very clear throughout it.

I hope that helps you get started and good luck! 😀