What do I need to go to a good university in U.S? What are my chances to go to U of M?

What do I need to go to a good university in U.S? What are my chances to go to U of M?
My parents has a TN NAFTA work visa, I have a TD. This mean that my family is not a permanent resident of the U.S. (Hold Canadian Citizenship). However, I have been living in United State since the start of my 9th grade. I am going to apply for U of Michigan, Ann Arbor. However, I am obligated to apply as an International Student. The admission office require me to take the ACT or SAT. But it looks like I don’t have to write the essay or get a letter of recommendation. Is that true? Also, I am worried that my “29” ACT score is not high enough. International Student are known to be very competitive. I have taken 5 AP classes as of now, and planning to take 3 more. My GPA should be 3.8333, without counting extra points from AP classes. My “real” class rank…I have no idea b/c my school rank anyone who has a Gpa of 4.00+ ( mine is 4.33) as rank 1. As a result, because of the honor point from AP classes, there are about 25 people (including me) tied for rank 1 in a group of 433 people.

It is possible that you might not have to write an essay/get a letter; it all depends on the school so you should check on their website or on As for the 29 score, I think you could do better with your GPA, so I’d take it again for the sake of it.
Also, the international student section IS competitive. However, you have to remember it’s not all about GPA/APs/ACT/SATs. You need to do well on your essay too. So blow them away with your essay, because that’s the only thing that can set you apart from someone else with the same/similar grades.
That being said, you’ll never know if you’ll get in unless you try, so you might as well. And besides, your grades don’t look bad at all, so again, you might as well.