What do you call a mexican midget?

What do you call a mexican midget?
I saw this joke, and it was like..
what do you call a mexican midget? a paragraph, he’s to short to be an essay.
I don’t get it.. could someone explain it?

I never thought my first answer on this would be to a question like this…

However it may not be spelt the same way but it is slang for a person. Example, “What’s up essay, how was your weekend?”. So this is merely a play on words because they look the same and maybe spelt the same. Essay typically refers to a decent size paper, but a paragraph is just a short portion of it. So that’s suppose to be the joke.

South Park did a variation of that type of joke referenced here when the boys are required to read a book and write an essay. They paid some day laborers to do it, but the ended up just writing letters to their friends instead of a essay.