What do you need to make hip-hop beats on a computer?

What do you need to make hip-hop beats on a computer?
im a freshman in highschool and i want to make rap beats on my windows vista computer or laptop
I’m a beginner that doesn’t want to pay alot for equipment and programs
Where can i buy my self a keyboard/Piano combination that connects to my usb port on mycomputer and will also come with software where i record my beats. It should come with sample beats and also effects that i can add to my music. Where can i get one cheap!!
Or is there something that’s better

Please help! I really want to become a producer/artist!!

Everything that you need is at the link below and to tell you the truth you wont find it any cheaper anywhere else. There is a video that demonstrates exactly how easy it is to use as well as showing you how to use it, how to make beats from scratch and also how professional your beats will sound.

There is even a really good post about making hot beats without spending a whole lot of money that I am sure you will be interested in as it has some really cool ideas that are definitely doable.

Anyway to keep from writing you an essay so to say why don’t you just check out the link below I’m pretty sure that you will love what is there for you to see as it leads to a hip hop beat making software blog that specializes in exactly what you are asking about…

Good Luck!!!