What do you think I will get on my essay for Government as to why I am voting for Barack Obama?

What do you think I will get on my essay for Government as to why I am voting for Barack Obama?
Why do republicans think it is okay that John McCain cheated on his first wife and stole her pain medicine to?
give to his current wife, yet when Bill cheated on Hillary they insisted he was impeached? John McCain carried out a full fledged affair, Clinton had oral sex one time. John messed around on his first wife, Carol for a very long time. Why are they okay with that?
Anyone ever considered the possibiltiy of a reverse Bradley affect voters who secretly are voting for Obama?
Anyone ever considered the elderly ladies who have been suppressed by their white bigot husbands for years that are in fact going to vote for Barack Obama but are afraid to tell their husbands of their plans lest they face repercussions? How about people who live in extremely racist areas of the country who are secretly planning on voting for Barack but are afraid to say so lest they face repercussions from their friends and neighbors.
I just know that I live in an extremely prejudice area of the country, I thought it was cool when my grandma and my mom told me they are voting for Barack, there husbands may be voting against them, but, so what.
Who do you think was more strategic this election, Obama or McCain? Is strategy important for a war?
Isn’t our wealth being spread now? To China?
Whether its being spread to the rich, or to the poor, isn’t someone always getting their slice of the pie? We’ve tried the trickle down effect, where the wealth is spread to the wealthy, in hopes that they will create jobs with it. I don’t know what area of the country your from, but in my area of the country, they created jobs alright, in China! Our Maytag plant, and our CD factory, both up and moved to China, and I live in very rural America, so that was alot of our areas wealth. Our wealth was spread to China. Now, I understand John McCain has a plan for our little rural area to get some jobs, that’s right, he wants to let our area process the nuclear waste that comes from his nuclear power plants he plans to build. That may create some wealth, but I’m not certain I want little Johnny being born with 6 fingers, 6 toes and a 3rd eye. I know, I know, he says his plan is safe, so were the last couple of space shuttles NASA sent up to outer space that blew up!
Why do so many seem to feel the need to spread outright lies about Barack Obama?
Barack Obama is the American dream. He shows us all what can happy when you exercise your rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obama is not a socialist, America is a democracy, the majority rule. If the majority like Barack’s ideas and vote for him that means he represents what the American people want, he’s a democrat, not a socialist. Majority rules in a democracy, not a dictator, see the difference. What if Barack Obama did the same things as John McCain has done? How can the Republicans even call them selves the party of family values? What if Barack Obama were a divorcee who married his 2nd wife while she was addicted to pain pills which she stole from a charitable organization? What if he left his first wife after she became disabled in a disfiguring car accident? What if he paraded around 5 children on stage during his campaign, one of whom was a pregnant, unwed teenager, another who was an infant? What if he began his relationship with his 2nd wife while he was still married to his first wife? I have heard people say that the media has biased coverage and does not cover John McCain enough, I must say, I agree. I think if Barack Obama had done all of the things John McCain has done, because he is black, he would be judged for it, so the notion that Barack is somehow ahead simply because of his race is ridiculous. With all that being said, I am P.O.ed at Barack Obama for voting for the bail out plan, the American people need to be bailed out, not the wealthy corporations. And also, as far as this whole William Ayers things goes, he blew up a statue at a protest rally in the 60’s, Barack was 8 years old at the time. He did not even get labeled as a terrorist back then, he was labeled as a radical. Ayers served his time and now he is a college professor. Are the republicans seriously suggesting that our government allows terrorists to be college professors. Seriously

I think half truths don’t make very good essays.

I was a young women when Ayres, his wife, and the Weather Underground finally were arrested. They blew up police stations, and even bombed the Pentagon. One of their own died when his bomb went off accidently. The group was infiltrated by a CIA agent who said they planned to start a revolution and would eventually find it necessary to kill about 25 million people who would never go along with their new government. Ayres never served any time because he was illegally wire tapped. He laughed about that.

McCain was a prisoner of war for several years in Vietnam. It changed him and his wife was having her own difficulties dealing with the after effects of a serious car accident. They divorced. They were both very troubled and couldn’t help each other. Those things happen in real life.

The US is NOT a democracy. It is a representative Republic which means we all live under the rule of law put forth under the constitution. It is not run by the majority.

Clinton was impeached because he lied under oath.