what do you think of this essay?

what do you think of this essay?
i am persuading my mom to buy me higher quality makeup. plz tell me wat ya think! plz tell me if i spelt anything wrong or stuff like that. also if u hav any suggestions that might help me persuade her, plz tell me!!

Dear Mom,
Recently, you have let me start to wear makeup. And I’m pretty sure you know how much I love makeup! But, the cheap, low quality makeup that I bought with Shauna doesn’t look very good on my skin. You might remember us talking about how you would pay for my makeup when I started wearing it. I completely understand if you have changed your mind about it lately. I mean, a lot has changed. So if you kind of see where I’m headed with this, and you are going to say no, than don’t waste your time. Go do your thang momma! 😉 But if you might consider my ideas, please keep reading with an open mind.
If you buy me higher quality makeup, I will take better care of my skin than I ever had! I will also take great care of the makeup to help it last longer and I will not waste it. I won’t go to dark, I will keep it natural! I won’t wear any makeup that you don’t want me wearing. I could maybe use some of my back to school shopping money if you don’t want to buy it separately. The expensive items will last longer, look better and are actually healthier for my skin.
I was thinking that we could go to Sephora or MAC sometime this week to pick out colors that would be good for my skin and eye color. Maybe when pierce is at the karate thing after dinner or when he is in Catalina. But we can do it whenever it works best for you. I think maybe Sephora would be best though because the makeup is as high of quality as MAC but it is lower in price. If we do decide to go to MAC though, we might want to just go to the one in Macy’s because it’s closer. But again, whatever works best for you.
You might be thinking I want a HUGE amount of makeup, but not really I don’t think. Just the basics to start me off with, you know? So here the things I was thinking about getting. If you think that I don’t need something, just tell me. I’m willing to listen to everything that you say.

-1 Eye primer
-1 Concealer
-1 Powder
-1 Bronzer/blush
-1 Mascara
-A few eyeliners
-A few eye shadows
-Eyelash curlers
-Shadow brush
-Smudge brush
-Concealer brush
-Blush brush
-2 Lip glosses

So tell me what you think! If you would like to discuss it more, just ask me! I love you so much! Thank you for taking your time to read this!!


so… wat do ya think

Why write it? Tell her this in person, that wuold look better.
Honestly, if I was a kid and my mom ever gave me a letter about what they want, I’d toss it. You should talk, not write to eachother.
It sounds good, unlike other stuff a lot of stuff people try to do.
And when you say a few eye shadows, that’s OK. Try to ask for 1 or 2 makeup pallette’s from Sephora. They have GREAT discounts for bigger packages. Look at the online website,, and then makeup, then value sets. Those are good deals.
And for eyeliners, you could get one or two of those, and then get an angeled brush and use your eyeshadow for eyeliner. It’s like a 2 in 1!
And for the smudge brush, if you mean for eyes, you don’t need it. You can do it with your own fingers. I know that doesn’t sound as good, but it can be done.
2 lip glosses isn’t a lot. Go for a few more. Try some lighter colored lipstick too.