What does it take to get into Penn?

What does it take to get into Penn?
This is my dream school guys. I’m a Junior , and this is the year that counts, so any suggestions, comments, or advice you can give will be very, very much appreciated.

Hey, UPenn is my dream school too!
As you already know it’s extremely competitive. US News and World report just announced that it’s the 4th best school int the country (tied with MIT and Stanford). It has an acceptance rate of about 17% and an average SAT score of about 2100. It does require 2 SATII Subject tests and the average for those is just over 700 each. I don’t know which sub-school you plan on applying to, but mine is wharton so math is a big deal. Here’s some stuff i wish i had been aware of while starting my junior year: their supplemental essays are the same every year, geography plays a huge role, and early decision matters. First off, if you apply early decision in november instead of regular in january (if you are accepted early decision you are required to attend regardless of the amount of money you get or if a shool you like better accepts you) then the acceptance rate jumps up to 22%. In addition to this, students living in underrepresented states (mostly in the mid-west) have a 5 times larger acceptance rate than students on the east coast. Lastly, every year Penn releases the same 2 essays to compliment the common application. The first of these is something like “Write page 352 of your 472 page autobiography” and the second one is “Why Penn”? (the numbers might be off on the first essay but you get the idea). They also want prospective students to know that while they like well rounded students, they also like well lopsided students and thus also like kids who are only involved with one or two things but put great amounts of time and energy into those activities and organizations they love. . .Im not sure what you already knew about Penn so i just listed it all. I hope this was helpful and I wish you good luck (wish me luck too, i apply ed in about a month)