What does this College Application writing prompt mean?

What does this College Application writing prompt mean?
One of the optional essay choices for Tufts University’s supplemental application asks “Are we alone?” That’s it. No explanation.

I think they did this on purpose so that students can interpret it however they want.

Personally, I want to address this question on a universal scale ( the probability of extraterrestrial life). Is this an acceptable approach?

I think it’s acceptable, but it’s obvious. You’ll want to stay away from the obvious.

I, personally, would look at it from the relationship angle.

But then again, if you can answer the question in a creative way, I don’t think it matters as much what your actual answer is. Does that make sense? All the colleges want to hear about *you* and what you think, so it’s not as if they’re looking for something that’s really *different* in content. It’s mostly the way you write essay, which could be why they left it so vague.

I’m afraid that didn’t help. I’m sorry if it didn’t!