What elements make a good vampire story?

What elements make a good vampire story?
And no Twilight isn’t one!!!! I don’t mean like basic what makes a good book. I mean like what elements or troubles do the charecters have to go through to make a good plot line? What atributes do the vampires have to have? This is for a class essay, please don’t comment if you don’t want yourself quoted.

Hmm. I’d say the vampires should be weakened by the classic stuff, but it can be changed around. How boring would it be if EVERY vampire villain was killed with a stake? I’m working on a vampire story, and mine lose all powers except their fangs in the sun, can inject an anaesthetic to numb the victim (though most are sadists and don’t care if their prey is in pain), have better night vision (because they’re gonna be hunting at night, they need some ability to help) and can “smell” genetic resemblances to tell if two people are related.

But it goes without saying that they have more weaknesses. They are afraid to cross running water, it’s a phobia that all of them hold because of the “purity”. They also have an aversion to crucifixes, so posing as a human and entering a church is very difficult. Some vampires are allergic to garlic, but not all, it’s about the ratio of humans who are allergic to peanuts, so if they eat it they might die.

As for troubles, my main character’s trouble is getting over hatred of his own kind and killing all the other vampires so he can protect the humans. The other character’s is coping with the death of her parents. It all depends on the actual character and their background, really.

Oh, and in case you don’t want to attribute any quotes to “Kira: God of the New World”, just refer to me as Kira. 🙂