what extra activities should i take to get into a good college/university?

what extra activities should i take to get into a good college/university?
im currently a freshman, and i wanted to get an extra activity so itll look good on my college app.
i dont like sports, i dont like drama…and also, i was wondering if u culd join outside of school, not like in school.
any ideas on what activites i could do..i love make, hair, and all that girly stuff

I do college advising for kids your age, so I have quite a bit of experience in this area…

If you are really into hair and beauty and all that stuff, I recommend one thing:

Job shadow – Go to a salon and volunteer to help. Tell the lady that owns the place that you are interested in learning how her business works. Let her know that you hope to go to college and would like to learn about entrepreneurship from a “successful businesswoman” like her. Make sure to use flattery when asking to job shadow and ask to learn about the “business” side of her shop, not just the beauty aspects.

This will help you in three ways:
1) You will have material for essays because you will actually learn how the business is run. You may or may not like the beauty industry, but either way, you will have material that you can use in your college essay.

2) You will have someone to write your letter of rec. If you show up once a week and help out, this lady will love you. She may or may not start paying you, but she will definitely write you an outstanding letter of recommendation that you can use for scholarships or your college application.

3) You will be showing creativity and passion, colleges love that. You need to spin the experience in your essays that you’ve always had a passion for beauty and you wanted to see if opening your own small business in the future would be something you would enjoy. This shows colleges that you are passionate in certain areas and that you have the drive to pursue your dreams.

Hope this helps! You are very smart for planning early, I’m sure it will work out for you.