What factors can lead to ineffective teamwork? help please :S?

What factors can lead to ineffective teamwork? help please :S?
Hiya, have to write an essay on the factors leading to ineffective teamwork and i cant find to much info on the web, can anyone help and explain the factor? was thinking of bad communication or bad management but cant explain why? thank you 🙂

In order for teamwork to be effective everyone has to be on the same page, everyone has to know their part in the task. If this is not communicated to them effectively, their mistake can mess up the teams whole project.

If the manager is not suited for the task then there is usually no hope, its like a monkey leading an army of troops into a war. The manager has to make sure everyone know’s what their part is in the team project and make sure everyone is actually working and not slacking off.

Sometimes people who do not get along with each other are tasked to the same team, this can cause problems which I’m sure you can come up with (Imagine working with your mortal enemy).

Once in a while there are people who like to do everything in the group and they tend to not let anyone else input their thoughts or ideas into the project.

There are also people who don’t want to do anything at all and just want a good outcome so they look good.

Sometimes a person might be better at doing something than another person in the group, so in order to achieve the best possible outcome, tasks must be assigned accordingly.