What happens when we sleep?

What happens when we sleep?
I am doing a research paper for my English class on this topic. I need help choosing what my teacher likes to call “thick” questions. Thick questions are questions that are broad and have answers with a depth to them, and can be answered in a full paragraph or more. These are followed by “thin” questions which are more specific, and relate to the thick questions.

So for example I have “What is a dream?” as a thick question, and a thin question is “How often do people have dreams?”

Any other “thick” questions you can think of?

I like the way your teacher thinks. I will have to remember this, thick and thin inquiry idealism.

You are going to want to answer these questions when it comes to sleeping…

1.) What causes sleep?…
2.) What stages of sleep are there?…
3.) What is dreaming?…
4.) What happens lacking sleep?

That should make for an interesting essay. Consider saving it.