what is a archetypal hero?

what is a archetypal hero?
okay so basically i know all the traits. BUT I’m having to write this essay for my english 4 class and i am drawing a blank. the teacher is wanting us to make up our OWN story!! and i’m just lost

Unusual circumstances of birth; sometimes in danger or born into royalty
Leaves family or land and lives with others
An event, sometimes traumatic, leads to adventure or quest
Hero has a special weapon only he can wield
Hero always has supernatural help
The Hero must prove himself many times while on adventure
The Journey and the Unhealable Wound
Hero experiences atonement with the father
When the hero dies, he is rewarded spiritually

I don’t believe your hero needs to have all of these traits, so what you really need is a story line.

Let us say Jubal (just a name off the top of the head) of Arnesdra (A mythical land) is born with the mark of the Seven Suns (A round birth mark on his right forearm. (1st trait) (Seven suns = six things associated with good. ie – truth, strength, wisdom, maybe magic, maybe can see the future… the seventh has all of these gifts and thats our hero. (Evil has killed each of the other six, but thats another story although they can be mentioned with in this one.) (2nd trait(s))

Evil has control of Arnesdra so the new born hero has to be smuggled out of the city. (3rd trait)

Flash forward to the hero as a young man and he can begin his quest to free the people of Arnesdra. (4th trait)

5th trait – help from the spirits of the others born under the sign of the Seventh Sun and killed by evil.
6th trait – he has all the powers the other had, but has yet learned to control them.
7th trait – faces the challenges put before him by evil on his journey to Arnesdra.