What is a characteristic and result of the action of different types of perpetrators: passive, active, and vulnerable.

What is a characteristic and result of the action of different types of perpetrators: passive, active, and vulnerable.

  • The victim is forced to endure some temporal deprivation. The aim of this attack is to arouse fear of death or severe punishment. The victim can be alive or dead, but this is not true. The victim can be turned into a zombie.
  • The second form of execution is a crime against another person. Most often, it happens an anger expressed against someone, against another person, against the whole society. This is a form of abuse of force and hostility.
  • Third, it is a revenge of a madperson. This type is rare in our civilization. A madman is rich in psychological energy and can feel a sincere respect for a competent and intelligent investigator, and often wants to provoke a catastrophe. As a rule, this is a brief explanation of own behavior, findings and conclusions of a psychological nature.
  • One of the most common methods of execution is bribery, especially its intentional and violent form. This is corruption in the manifested form. The corruption exists in many states, and in your country, it is especially acute.
  • However, when directing against a person for committing a crime (against others, against self-interest, selfishness, the desire for financial benefits, etc.), a madman is confined by the parallel concept, strong friendship with the offender. The inner conflict of this type of personality is solved owing to participation in the psychological support groups.

    They are specially organized and geared towards a goal of producing a sufficiently strong tension of resentment or hostility. This technique is one of the most reliable techniques of group crisis therapy. Its peculiarity is that it fixes the specialist and participants on the supporting positions in the interaction. It is known that empathy and emotional support alleviate suffering. Conversely, isolation and loneliness increase fear.

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    The advantages of the support group are also stipulated by the flexibility of the method – the use of various psychological approaches and psychotechnics. This is due to the understanding of the integrity of the individual and the need for self-respect in the eyes of the group.

    Various psychotechnics activate different languages of self-respect. Art therapy exercises, psychodrama, bodily-oriented courses, neuro-linguistic programming, counseling on rethinking life values and setting goals are actively practiced by modern specialists and their patients. It will be useful to describe them in your example of the essay on the emotional impact of domestic violence on a woman.

    Meetings in the group are usually preceded by individual conversations with a psychologist. The optimal frequency of classes in the support group: once a week for 3-5 hours. The course should last 1.5-2.5 months. The number of participants can vary from 7 to 15 people.

    It is necessary to systematically analyze the work of the support group, the dynamics of changes in the behavior of women. Assessment of progress is carried out via the psychological observation, special exercises, feedback in the group, incoming and outgoing express psychodiagnostics.

    Classes can be held out by one or two specialists. In the case of two people, they distribute various functions among themselves, provide support to each other which is a good example for other members of the group.

    During the necessary time, the support of the group provides the woman with a sense of stability and reliability needed for internal changes, helps to compensate for the broken connection with the environment from the outside. In addition, the group reinforces the belief in own strength and the possibility of successful psychotherapy, which the offended side lacks in individual counseling.

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    So, you may state with full confidence in your domestic violence and gender roles essay that participation in the support group is a kind of necessity for the injured women.

    Typically, women need an extensive series of individual counseling to acquire skills in the field of management of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. At the initial stage, the most effective therapeutic methods are a decrease in sensitivity, relaxation, physical exercises. These techniques contribute to a partial resolution of the hard situation at the psycho-physiological level and enable the transition to work at the emotional and cognitive levels. Psychological work at the cognitive level involves changing the vision of the situation and reforming of beliefs.

    Another characteristic feature is the deep loss of knowledge about own desires. This phenomenon manifests itself in the fact that the consumer of the environment has a theory of sexual behavior, which is incorrect and misleading the viewer. We recommend you to employ the psychological term of the empty desire to be a partner in order to describe it in a concise form.

    The desire for intimacy also shows the absence of sensitivity at the cognitive level. The mate loses his or her fear of confrontation and aggression, begins to expect a positive evaluation from the partner, even without real manifestations.

    Generally, in groups of people, the desire for close communication with the abuser is characteristic.