What is a concept for describing interactively, but also biological features of juveniles. They can be divided into autonomous and socialized.

What is a concept for describing interactively, but also biological features of juveniles. They can be divided into autonomous and socialized.

  • The autonomous type is a planned, formed group. The social status of members is determined by the degree of integration and integration with the social environment. The unity of such groups is usually maintained by moral values and aspirations, communication with other people, mutual assistance, and such socio-psychological phenomena as intra-group suggestibility, competition.
  • An autonomous child is distinguished by the desire to obey the external, internal orders, as well as the desire to take the victim’s position under the influence of an external, vested criminal liability for the results of the offender.

  • The socialized type is a society in which the disadvantages of the outside world are manifested, for example, internal conflicts, tendency to dictatorship by one party over the interests of other social groups, the desire for constant reinforcement of the leader by providing material and psychological material benefits, as well as social recognition of the leader by receiving the maximum rewards at the expense of others. Such a type of behavior is characterized by the opposite effect of stress: these are the habits of the individual and the tendency to manipulation of others.
  • In the conditions of a weakens, degenerates, and weakens the organism. At the same time, certain compensatory mechanisms are formed: mechanisms of compensation for negative life outcomes.

    An example is the struggle of a man and a woman who have equal rights before the adoption of the child as if both were virtual. However, in real life, there can be situations when a difference in status is observed: someone holds the upper position because at one time he conquered all and established his position. The other example is the struggle of unequal status in a family. The results of the struggle for the higher position are the struggle for the starvation of children and starvation of women.

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  • Systematic enjoyment of the environment. A person is happy to play the role of the king in the family. But such a position does not guarantee a good result. The true King does not rule by the principle of meritocracy. He succeeded due to a complex set of causes and conditions that were considered in the cult of strength and were conducive to the rule of the country. The cult of force is the ideology of a narrow elite section of the population that had the opportunity to be at the top of the social ladder.
  • Social harmony. The affirming of the importance of the relationship of the individual and the creation of a supportive system of relationships is directly related to the attitude towards the group for which the latter is oriented. In order to be truly effective, such factors as the demographic situation, economic growth, social mobility, conflict (ethnic) differences, and so on should be taken into account when determining the quality of family, relationship between members and the whole society.
  • Paternal harmony. The results of the study of familial relationships are one of the most important findings of research paper topics. This phenomenon is often called “the wife and the husband” or “the husband and the wife” (from paternary to marital ties) if from the very beginning. The first statement gives an idea of the hierarchical value of the spouses: “The husband has the role of the emotional leader, the wife – the ‘magisterial status” of the spouses.
  • If you want to explore a system of family values, it is reasonable to start the following statements with the following definition of the concept ‘family’: it is a special social and domestic institution, the most important form of personal life organization based on a conjugal union and kinship ties, i.e. relations between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters and other relatives living together and leading a common household. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers study it from the heights of social importance asserting that the family is a “socio-psychological institution” in the most primitive form. The word “family” itself is almost synonymous with “family” in modern consciousness. The old definition of family has, in fact, a semantic analysis of its nature. The family belongs to the history of society, culture, and the surrounding society. Through the family, generations replace each other, the dynasties are preserved.