What is a criterion of similarity between features? The following details should be examined in a comparative essay:

What is a criterion of similarity between features? The following details should be examined in a comparative essay:

  • analytical method;
  • contrast method;
  • mechanical method;
  • gradient method.
  • The following methods are recommended for drawing conclusions:

  • graphic method;
  • mechanical method.
  • The following assumptions should be confirmed in a research process on friendship:

  • friend is interested in the personality of the partner;
  • the image of the partner is caused by the level of mutual understanding of the partner;
  • this is the most important assumption.
  • How to write a friendship sacrifice essay?

    This is the same as in the case of other states of the development. The author should offer own attitude towards the ideals of marriage, aspirations to change the world for the better, and prove that the chosen family will give the necessary material.

    Writing the friendship sacrifice essay, you should mention that a new understanding of own sexuality and relationships opens up a whole new world of new emotions, the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of love. So, this is a good way to end up an academic essay on this topic.

    Scientific directions in the development of the concept of friendship

    Many researchers have tried to understand the meaning of friendship as a social institution, recognizing the existence of objective factors contributing to the formation of friendly relations: psychological factors (the way in which the communication takes place, the features of the interpersonal relationship, etc.).

    Psychological research is focused on the bodily and mental processes that arise under the influence of the preceding objective factors:

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  • sight of another person;
  • subjectivity of the participant;
  • desire and the ability to achieve the set goals;
  • leadership and ambition of the individual;
  • unique ability to influence and manage the surrounding world.
  • The number of respondents that could be questioned in a hypothetical friendship essay for children and men (“How to end a friendship?”) shows the predominance of the subjective component of the concept of friendship. As for the objective factors, their role is to determine the structure of the attitude towards the idea of friendship, its attitude for the ideal of friendship, and ultimately leads to the emergence of interpersonal relations according to the process of exchange of information.

    Unlike an individual value system that determines the goodness and intensity of interpersonal relations, friendship is based on the joint activity of participants in the process of exchange of benefits. The exchanges are carried out on the basis of mutual service and love. Even the most fundamental value for friendship is the identity of the individual with his mate.

    The biological basis of friendship is the special form of the interpersonal interaction that is characterized by individual-selective attitude, mutual service and devotion. Exchange is the most common form of interpersonal interaction.

    The characteristic features of friendship are repeated: the main part is devoted to communication, the subject evokes feelings and emotions. The discourse is based on the characteristic ideas and attitudes of the individual, the balance of values. In other words, the opposite of the object and the subject is the subject of the interaction.

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    The unchanging aspects of the psyche of friendship (the need for communicative interaction, the ability to share the information, the high quality of communication, etc.) are characteristic of this time, and this is reflected in the possibility of using the creativity of the person, the ability to express his thoughts. All this is used in the expression of the urge for friendship essay which may be considered as the inalienable characteristic of the ideal, the basis for the formation of the individual, the unity of the individual and the creation of the individual community, the harmony of the individual and the creation of the community, the unity of the community of producers and consumers, the sanction of the collective future.

    The very term “community” means a group of people living in a given society, having a mutual perception of their activities and ideas. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the essence of social relations is preserved. The word “communication” means the actual conscious contact between the subjects of interaction.

    A communicative act is a set of individuals, groups, parties, other people which are connected by common modes of reaching consensus, following the principle of similarity and equality.

    Since the very word “communication” is unfamiliar to many people, let’s consider the peculiarities of a particular type of interaction, which is choice of partners in the process of production.

    Many researchers associate the conception of friendship with such concepts as romantic love, passion, self-sacrifice, selfishness, the desires for intimate contact. Even though, in fact, this concept is not unique, and may be found in different contexts.