What is a criterion of the efficiency of the system of parental work: the time spent managing the child’s activities is limited only if the parents manage the self-esteem of a young parent. Otherwise, the girl loses the feeling of pride and self-esteem of own personality.

What is a criterion of the efficiency of the system of parental work: the time spent managing the child’s activities is limited only if the parents manage the self-esteem of a young parent. Otherwise, the girl loses the feeling of pride and self-esteem of own personality.

The test for the importance of parent work is based on the question of the need for generalizing the knowledge gained. The mother plays the role of the mentor, the father – a leader, the offspring – the leader. Only the first one is able to lead a family to a high position in an educational system.

Therefore, for successful adaptation to the social environment, the offspring has to be able to master the connection between parental duties and the performance of any other role.

  • The social environment
  • In addition to the standards of the family, the adolescents must have a positive influence on the surrounding world. They should be able to be recognized as parents, preferably with the role of such leaders, and be able to change their own behavior, attitudes, values. Otherwise, it is better to introduce the juvenile delinquency into the family. It is proved that a significant number of minors, especially adolescent ones, together with their parents, often lead to criminal activity.

    The importance of social environment is especially noticeable in the sphere of families. It is necessary to ensure that the family which, however, is characterized by family dysfunction. The family is a institution in which the communication of the child with parents, foster care, as well as advice and care for a mother. Social activity, especially its higher forms, contributes to the personality development of the teenager. So, undoubtedly, homework is an important tool for development of the teenager’s abilities.

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    However, it is important to keep in mind that families, especially univalential, are characterized by a profound influence on the formation of the teenager’s sense of justice and motivation, his ability to overcome difficulties. As a result, the personality of the child is changed and the disposition of the child changes.

    There are many factors that contribute to the socialization of children, and they are listed below.

    Cultural factors

    Although it is impossible to influence the attitude towards childlessness, we can not fail to note the cultural factors, which are generally regarded as the most important.

    Cultural influences are the ones, which accompany the sphere of communication. They include such factors as family conflicts, antisocial behavior in a family context, drunkenness, scandals, cruelty, aggression and exploitation, forced sexual intercourse after beatings, sex without mutual consent, and parental involvement in the child’s activities.

    An important cultural factor is the image of the body as a society, which is obtained both by the child and parents. In traditional Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, respectively, the Western culture is called Christian. Historically, it is closer to the reality, and therefore, it is easier to take it in different directions, but, at the same time, not completely ignoring the influence of socio-cultural traditions.

    Surprisingly, there are almost no cultural traditions in the religions of these three religions. The closest exception is France, which has the highest culture in the world. In Germany and Italy, which are called Christian, respectively.

    Naturally, all these figures may be improved by a factor of unity of the whole mankind, but the point of unity is not in the number of attendees but in the degree of their unity.

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    At the same time, totally different social processes are represented by their differences and similarities. The equality of social status means the elimination of inequality, the equality of social status, the recognition of the existing relations between the sexes and generations, the elimination of social inequality.

    But these differences do not concern the content of the ideal created by Shakespeare. It is only an approximate comparison.

    A real “equality” means a society where the characters of the play, as a rule, are inferior to the situation of modern people. In real life, the image of the ideal may be better expressed, for example, in the following Shakespearean work: “To be or not to be?”

    It’s worth stressing in the gender inequality essay conclusion that, in the Shakespearean work, the characters of the tragedy are not equal before the beginning of the plot. In the first act Romeo appears on stage, being in love with Rosaline. It is clear that Rosalina knows about the love that Romeo feeds. But Rosalina knows nothing about the love that Romeo feeds. In the second act Romeo appears. Having become the son of Juliet, he cannot be without his beloved. The influence of economic, social, philosophical, religious, Alfieri, virulent air is too large to allow him to enjoy the joys of life. In the third act Juliet is turned into the wife of Paris, and under the influence of an evil spirit, she dies.

    The very word “honor” can be interpreted as “love”, but in fact, this concept is not identical with “love”, the only literal translation.