What is a decision of a scientific community on use of a particular method or hypothesis.

What is a decision of a scientific community on use of a particular method or hypothesis.

The main criteria that must be observed in a result of the study of how gender roles are arranged are as follows:

  • In accordance with the assumptions of most researchers, in the industrial gender role, the following types of men and women are depicted as effective and energetic workers: masculine type and female type.
  • The opinion of husbands and wives does not coincide when it comes to the sexual harmony in the family. For men of whom the sexual arrangement is regarded as a traditional family role, it generally does not exist. For wives of same-sex couples, there is an inverted form of this problem. They also violate the conventional view on the family.
  • One of the most significant characteristics of a marriage union is the attitude towards children. The need for kids is in fourth place for husbands and in the fifth place for wives.
  • The pregnancy period became happy only for three people out of a hundred.
  • The nature of marital relations largely depends on the degree of family values coherence for husband and wife, role ideas about who and to what extent is responsible for the implementation of certain tasks.

    The adequacy of role behavior depends on the correspondence with role expectations (the husband’s and wife’s demand for the active fulfillment of family responsibilities by the partner) to the possibilities of the spouses (personal willingness of each partner to perform family roles). The discrepancy between the hierarchical value systems can cause both the obvious and hidden conflicts which may be touched upon as key problems in essays about family values.

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    With age, a harmony of interests, needs, value orientations, ways to spend time with the chosen one becomes more important. The results of the female surveys are directly opposite: with age, these factors become less important for women.

    Men of all ages tend to shift parental functions to women. The results of female surveys reflect a similar pattern: for ladies of all ages, the focus on the husband is more important than on the children.

    Men of all ages also tend to shift parental functions to women. The results of female surveys reflect a similar pattern: for ladies of all ages, the focus on the husband is less important than on the children.

    Male adolescents and young men do not attach much importance to the professional interests of the partner. They believe that a woman should not lead an active social life. In adulthood, on the contrary, men believe that their partner must have serious professional interests and play an active public role. That how the surrounding people assess the professional qualities of their chosen ones becomes important.

    The results of the polls among girls are fully consistent with the opinions of the tested young men. Adolescent respondents believe that a man should have more serious professional interests than a woman and also must take an active public role. Experienced women of mature age, on the contrary, pay less attention to the professional qualities of their partner.

    Men of all ages unanimously believe that a woman should take on the role of an emotional leader, provide them with moral and emotional support in the right situations. Women are ready to take on some of these issues. But they want the partner to provide them with physical and material goods.

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    With age, male respondents begin to pay less attention to own appearance and do not try to meet the standards of modern fashion. But the older a man, the more attention he pays to the external features of women, their ability to look beautiful and follow the fashion trends.

    The results of female polls are somewhat different: in childhood, girls pay greater attention to their own attractiveness than to the appearance of boys; in adolescence, the requirements for the attractiveness of young men and for their own beauty become equal; and in adulthood, women begin to pay more attention to the appearance of their partner.

    It can be stated in a short speech about family that the values of people of different age and sex reflect the specifics of a certain period of life. Nevertheless, they diametrically contradict each other in a number of scales. Obviously, this discrepancy provokes high divorce statistics because of which the disintegration of the family has ceased to be an extraordinary phenomenon.

    Of course, one of the reasons for the significant differences in the hierarchy of family values was the transformation of the patriarchal family, which continues to this day. Often the man adheres to the patriarchal system of values, whereas the woman rejects it in the process of personal formation.