What is a definition for the essay on family values:

What is a definition for the essay on family values:

  • Family is a legally approved or bloodless social institution, the behavior of a person in relation to his place of residence or work. It is a cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the lineage of people is preserved. The spiritual life of the individual and the formation of the individual in the modern world are sustained. In this regard, the role of the family is one of the most significant social institutions.
  • In the Old World, the work of the household as a social institution was much more important than the education of children. Thus, the tasks of the upbringing process were more important than the education of the child. In the modern era, the decision to allow children to work outside the family was more decisive than the upbringing of adults. You may mention this fact it does arrest reduce domestic violence essay.
  • The role of the family as a social institution is much more modest, although, in some respects, its integration into the social structure of the society is already quite satisfactory. The family acts as a cultural institution in the Old World. It is one of the most important cultural institutions, which, in the Old World, were considered as a mother, father and “child” (not only within the family, but also outside the entire society, outside the family of some families, etc.). There were many different types of relations between the husband and wife: patriarchal or traditional, focused on children or grandchildren, marital or bloodless.
  • There were important differences between the attitudes of the older members of the family. The patriarch was inclined to impose the child’s requirements on the family. The reason for this is the need to satisfy the interests of the family as a whole, the ascendency of the husband over the wife, the desire for the adoption of children by the husband, the provision of assistance and material goods for the child, etc.
  • The role of the wife in the family has the following characteristics:
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    relative independence of the husband;

  • some authorities, for example, the imposition of official duties on the wife;
  • ispirated by the husband’s authority;
  • subjectivity of the husband;
  • the ability to influence the actions of the children.
  • Thus, the domestic violence essay topics are usually devoted to the problems of managing the nature of marital violence and the use of force in the family.

    The international definition of domestic violence has been formed according to the law on the basis of the notions of obscenity, coercion and forced consent.

    There is a concept of aggravated family violence (this concept is used in different ways and manifestations of cruelty, each of which is peculiar to particular types of family violence). The word “aggressor” comes from the Latin “agraste” – “interest” in something wrong, odred to know, love to care for.

    There are several types of inheritance violence: psychological, physical and sexual. The second group is characterized by the imbalance of power when the victim is a man and the victim is a woman. The third group is characterized by the imbalance of power when the victim is a woman and the offender is a man.

    Physical violence is expressed in a variety of forms: cruel, violent and forced acts, the situation of abuse is widespread in families. The internal conflicts of spouses arise here.

    As a rule, psychological violence is expressed in the form of their active participation in the psychological violence against the person subjected to cruel treatment. However, there are cases when, for example, physical violence is restricted to mental violence and violence is directed against the spouse.

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    Summing up, it should be stated to stop the violence essay that, regardless of the circumstances, cruelty always hurts the development of the individual. The consequences of abuse of force experienced by a child or an adult can be structured by dividing them into physical (diseases, severe bodily harms), psychological (phobias, nightmares, suicidal tendencies) and social (interpersonal difficulties, antisocial behavior). A “psychological time bomb” is being created.

    If you want to describe practical measures to prevent domestic violence and one can propose the following strategy: it is necessary to create a situation in which both partners feel safe, even in the case of sexual harassment.

    The main preventive measure to combat this phenomenon is the maintenance of police brutality equipment. The tools are adapted for a specific purpose – the arrest of bad lovers and the dissemination of information by the media. In such states, there is a very minimal need to acquire new equipment, especially in remote areas. The police themselves are ready to use reasonable force. Only a magistrate or district attorney can initiate criminal proceedings.

    Police brutality essay conclusion

    Any kind of abuse means the end of the relationship between the victim and the culprit.