What is a definition of friendship.

What is a definition of friendship.

  • Exceptions: cases when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, the consent of one party to the other’s role.
  • Patterns: variations in the behavior of friends and each other.
  • Combinations: difficultyes, games, high and low activities.
  • So, you may state in friendship essay conclusion that each person is involved in the process of experiencing the values of two or more personalities, embracing the individuality of each of them. Through personal communication with others, a person learns to make friends, to open heart and to understand others.

    Summing up, it should be noted to stop the violence towards friendship essay that, regardless of the attitudes and ideals of the individual, friendship always remains a deeply intimate and intimate space. All kinds of feelings and deep attachments, that a person experiences while remaining anonymous, belong to the main thing that makes the personality of the person involved. As a rule, genuine friendship ends with the attitude of the individual to the prevailing ideology, the ideology of the entire society, with its flaws.

    Nevertheless, some deviations of the philosophical concept may be described in essays about friendship.

    Criticism of the concept of friendship

    The word “friend” sounds an obvious and simple association. But how can the explanation of the difference between friends and family members be proposed? The fact is that, in some minds, there are very few people who fully understand the difference between friends and family members.

    The study of friendship is especially interesting for the younger generation. The idea of friendship, which appeared in the intellectual culture of the late XIX century, was new to the youth in all its fullness. Youth is considered the most fertile age for the manifestation of the basic needs of the individual.

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    The early youth is associated with the activity of egoism and egoism. The manipulative language of communication with others is compared with the behaviour of adults. The person manages own behavior using a variety of methods of influence, owing to which the communication of feelings takes place.

    The substance of friendship, which is called karmony in the old sense of the word, is formed. By nature, it is both a familiar and an extraordinary feeling, which is endowed with a considerable number of diverse meanings. Among them, the simple and clear communication, the high quality of communication, the high level of satisfaction with the surrounding reality is of great importance.

    So, using the concept of friendship, we can assume that each person has within his personality the ability to recognize own image in another person, the phenomenon of identity formation. Having identified own personality, the subject can describe his life priorities and aspirations, his behavior patterns, aspirations and motives.

    Personalities developed by neurotic philosophy include the ability to discuss another person, to reveal own inner world and to share own spiritual and practical essence with others. In addition, the person can focus on the external environment: the external behavior of other people and the state of affairs in the world.

    Despite the fact that we can talk about the friendship with reference only to external behaviors, the internal complexity of this phenomenon is quite accessible to philosophy. And since interpersonal communication is a traditionally “bachorical” interaction, the thinking and analytic activity of the individual has greater possibilities.

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    With the help of characteristic emotions, the individual’s attitude towards others and the world around is inscribed in the concept of empathy. Honesty, sincerity, courage, and weakness of people – all these are worthy of respect if they lead a human path.


    In many respects, internal equality is a complement of the concept of friendship. The correspondence with the principle of friendship is strictly objective. All interpersonal relations are associated with the external dynamics of human interactions.

    To some extent, equality is the most important aspect of the ethical concept, since all members are created from the stem of others. In real life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, the friendship with a woman replaces the love with the great sacrifice, the love of men with respect for each other, etc.

    Contact with another person is associated with the freedom of access of the individual to various levels of social mobility, economic opportunities, moral support, etc. In addition, this is the reason for the high flexibility of the concept of friend, including the concept of family, flirting, mania (intrusive love), strong friendship, selfishness, and unconditional love.

    Unfortunately, many parents have a wrong idea about the image of their child, the impression of their child, their own personality. They refer to the child as a “custom item”. The child is not a gift from God. It is an original, unacceptable, and deeply seated in the human category, no matter how great the ego is.

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    Contact with the child can be restored even in the case of its natural death.