What is a definition of poor academic preparation:

What is a definition of poor academic preparation:

  • A student does not have sufficient information and skills to perform an assignment independently.
  • It is a well-known fact that it is challenging to get a good result on a first try.
  • Prepayment of work costs.
  • Expenses.
  • Personal and contact information of a student.
  • The time spent working on a university project is limited.
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    Every musician knows that, in order to play a fast composition, first, you need to study each note and learn how to play slowly. About the same principles act in the literary world. In order to write a dissertation or a novel containing several plot lines, an aspiring writer must first learn to consider one small idea and to do it with the maximum quality.

    What is a short essay?

    In general, this type of academic assignments has no significant differences from the classical essay. The author should offer the audience a personal vision of a particular issue, substantiating his judgments with arguments.

    It is recommended to follow the classical structure (introduction, main part, conclusion). The most important thing you need to know is how long is a short essay. Typically, text takes no more than half a page. The information is often divided into 5 paragraphs (1 for introduction and conclusion, 3 for a body). It is a common but not mandatory formula. You can use just two paragraphs or expand the paper (of course, provided that the essay still remains short).

    The topic should be understandable and catchy, not abstract and philosophical. We recommend you to work according to the pre-planned outline in order to avoid unnecessary details and deviations from the topic. It is especially important for complex issues involving a formal, expert analysis. Having an approximate template, it will be much easier for you to breathe life into an essay and to adorn the dry reasoning with a beautiful literary language.

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    How to write a short essay?

    A common mistake of beginning authors is the long sentences with a large number of unnecessary words. If you want to make the text more qualitative and interesting, remove everything that can be called “excess ballast”. It is much more difficult to formulate a clear, simple and concise sentence than a vague narration with a large number of awkward expressions while preserving the same meaning. Writing simply and briefly, so that the text does not lose the key idea after the removal of unnecessary words from a phrase – this is where the writer’s professionalism lies. Unnecessary prepositions also do not adorn the text.

    Alternately and slowly, cross out all unnecessary and suspicious words from the sentences and then analyze the result – did the text become better for perception and “digestibility”? Of course, we do not propose to use the gray and incomplete phrases – everything is good in moderation. Do not forget that the short essay length should not be reduced to one paragraph, but pay due attention to the quality of the text. It is important to find the golden mean between the number of characters and the value of the material.

    How to write simply and briefly, if examples of undesired words are often used? Get rid of them without hesitation.