What is a definition of poverty which is understood as a lack of material well-being and some social disadvantages due to it.

What is a definition of poverty which is understood as a lack of material well-being and some social disadvantages due to it.

Poverty is considered as one of the most critical social factors of the development of the individual. The psychologists believe that everyone can become a victim of the other people’s poverty. This is why the focus of the negative effects of poverty on society essay is on the influence of social factors of the excessive growth of poverty, which you may find in many sources.

So, the thing is that all kinds of poverty, whether it’s the actual physical state or the social problem, always have some common features with the higher classes. The biggest of them is unsurprisingly physical. The physical state of many peoples is shown here. The physical condition of the majority of them is shown in a state of physical weakness, inadequate, unhealthy, and submissive to the will of the person. This is an actual situation in the real life. No matter how real the concept of this concept is, it is proved that the world operates in the environment of economic crisis, which is especially reflected in the family.

A culture of material success, material wealth is founded on a basis of the institution of social value. In the modern sense, material success is a model for the development of the individual, the success in performing various actions, due to which, in the end, the term “success” may be understood as the sum of outcomes obtained after all other factors are taken into account.

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There are many factors that contribute to the aggregation of poverty, and all of them can be used for reference in essay on poverty and inequality: universal social and psychological dependence, high individual mobility, itself, and so on. There are many definitions of success, and all of them should be used in the study of poverty and inequality.

Also, the following definition of success comes to the mind: it is a combination of several factors, and each of them has certain attributes: success, fame, and power. Success is a positively-defined collective term formed by several related concepts: talent, hard work, and social status. In the system of labor relations, it is the opposite of the “happens” in the struggle for wealth.

  • The main factors that determine success in any area of activity are mental and volitional characteristics of the individual, their attitude towards the society, their position in the social hierarchy, their consciousness and attitude towards the government, its ideology, culture, etc. So, you may consider the concept of success and poverty, the size and dynamics of this process in your essay about income inequality.

    Depending on the level of individual and social mobility, the structure of household spending is most sensitive to changes in the labor market. For example, the salaries of middle and upper class are sharply increased by 1.5 times.

    Household spending is a indicator of the degree of social stratification which may be described in income inequality argumentative essay. The expenditure of certain groups of the population – the salaries of specialists, the earnings of farmers, workers – is different from the salaries of other groups. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the middle class is completely dependent on the income of the middle class.

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    There is a tendency for the growth of mass poverty, mainly in developing countries. The percentage of poor in the world is higher than in the western one, and the expenses of the poor are much higher. The expenses of the poor often exceed the earnings of the middle class.

    In the social sector, the activities of representatives of the middle class are very important. They balance the interests of the society and the interests of the individual. This determines the activities of representatives in the sphere of representation and interaction. Their activity ensures the satisfaction of the social needs of the population, the formulation of the social problem, the solution of economic problems.

    The activity of representatives is determined by the position in the social hierarchy, in the system of wealth and income inequality. In Europe, the middle class was able to influence the positions of both classes and social groups, but not the equality of the results achieved.

    The middle class reached 60% of the population, and by the end of the colonial period – 70% of the population. This indicator is very close to the previous one, represents the culmination of a long evolution, the process of the formation of a professional class. The actual difference between the positions of the middle class and other social groups is striking: in the past, the middle class was active in social life, and this process continued until the middle of the 19th century.