What is a definition of poverty which is understood as a state of mind of a person as to how many goods and resources are needed to live on a certain scale. This concept is often used in marketing texts, like essay on poverty and unemployment.

What is a definition of poverty which is understood as a state of mind of a person as to how many goods and resources are needed to live on a certain scale. This concept is often used in marketing texts, like essay on poverty and unemployment.

Upon further development, people created a common idea of the amount of material that can be produced by each person. The amount of resources and living conditions have always been determined, and the goal of the human to survive has always been achieved. So, this is a perfect example of a topic for a essay on poverty and unemployment.

The following definition of poverty was given in the Human Development Report for 1998 which was prepared by specialists of the United Nations Development Program: this concept is broader than simply the absence of a minimum set of prerequisites for maintaining an adequate level of material well-being; poverty includes such factors as the lack of basic opportunities and choices in the field of human development, the inability of families and individuals to cover their social obligations, the lack of basic knowledge and skills, and social acceptance, and association in the eyes of the group, the lack of basic understanding of the enough concepts and forms of reasoning, the lack of basic understanding of the purpose and objectives of the organization, the lack of basic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the various forms of production and social activity, the lack of ability to maintain the appropriate level of material well-being, and low productivity of both traditional and modern forms of production, the lack of experience in the battle against poverty, and the lack of ability to recognize the current or future crises in the economy and structure of the Third World countries.

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Another important factor that should be taken into account when assessing the situation with the population is the policy of the ruling elite. Usually, it is characterized by a one-dimensional approach. The essence of the state is reflected in the ideology of the ruling elite. Therefore, it is impossible to create a justification for the failures of policy which, in fact, boils down to the status of the ruling elite.

The ideology of the ruling elite does not bring the benefits of the community back to the masses. So, it is the only option left to the vast majority of citizens.

Disadvantages of the ruling elite:

  • The lack of experience and expertise.
  • Unstable political situation.
  • Absence of the basic social networks, their effects on the choices of the society.
  • Dependence of the bureaucratic elite on the policy of the ruling elite.
  • Tightening of the loopholes that allow to climb into the bureaucracy.

  • The lack of unity in the system of executive power, i.e. the regulation of the same activity by various instances.
  • The lack of unity in the system of state regulation of the economy.
  • The absence of legal regulation, regulatory apparatus and institutions.
  • While developing under the influence of the feudal elite, the aristocratic element is gradually replaced by the revolutionary movement, which, in addition, lodges its representatives in the ruling elite.
  • Artists, especially those who had experience in the field of intellectual activity, have become a independent social category. In the process of social stratification, the privileges of certain classes and social groups over others are exercised.

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    The economic elite includes representatives of the intellectual elite, as well as the artistic elite.

  • The elite of the middle class, as the creators and beneficiaries of the social project.
  • The middle class is the amount of the most highly paid, highly educated people.
  • In the period of the most intense social mobility, the percentage of the middle class in the population is among the highest in the countries of the world.
  • Mention in your social inequality essay that, in the period of the most rapid changes in the material and social sphere of the middle class, it is precisely the group most resistant to social inequality.
  • The reasons for the retention of the middle class are threefold: the development of the inner economy, the strengthening of the organization of the middle class, and the low level of social mobility, which, in turn, contributes to the imbalance of the economic and social structures of the society.

    The principle of the middle class, which still exists at all countries of the world, serves as one of the oldest classifications of society. The process of class formation is closely related to the dynamics of the class struggle. The struggle for the development of society is conducted along with the struggles of other classes, both on the basis of gender and ethnic differences.

    Gender differences are very significant. There are male and female homosexuals, and they have a more pronounced attitude toward the traditional family and marriage. Homosexuality is considered as a natural feature of the human personality.