what is a essay and how do i write one?

what is a essay and how do i write one?
and how do you write one

The word “essay” comes from the French word “essayer”, meaning “to try”. An essay is “a try” to explain your point of view.

To write a good essay, start with a strong statement about something you believe — such as:

The Edmonton Oilers is the best hockey team in the league.

Then back up your statement with facts that support your point of view, such as:

They have a young, aggressive scoring combination with Smith, Jones and Abernathy.

They have a hard-hitting defence with Dominco and Juarez.

They have Johnson who is one of the best goalies in any league.

Then SUM UP your points and restate your original point of view such as:

With their youth, scoring ability and strong defense, there is no team in the league better positioned than the Oilers to take home the cup this year.

And that is how you can write an effective essay every time.

Good luck.