What is a good essay on How To make ice cream?

What is a good essay on How To make ice cream?
I need an idea of an essay on how to make ice cream . 4 paragraphs 7 sentences.

I work at an ice cream plant, so I can give you a short summary of what goes on from start to finish. First, cream is trucked into our plant and several ingredients are added to the cream (mostly in powdered form). After it is mixed together, it is pasteurized and stored in a tank. The operator transfers mix from the tanks and pumps them down into another tank where flavoring and/or coloring are added. From there, the mix will be pumped into liquid-ammonia chilled high-speed freezers, where the true ice cream comes out the other end. Other ingredients, such as nuts, candies, and fruit are added with a large device called a fruit feeder. (Many people think these things are added into the ice cream before it is frozen, but that is not true in this type of setting.) The ice cream is pumped into individual packages, and sent on a conveyor to our freezers for storage in -30 F. Our plant has the capability to produce one pallet full of ice cream every ten minutes when both our lines are running at full speed.