What is a good opening sentence?

What is a good opening sentence?
I have to tell a make up story that i am a Native American and i got shipwrecked and i found a island… what is a good catch sentence for the begining? This essay is told by my point of view

I remember what happen like it was yesterday although it happen many years ago. I actually thought that I would never make it through the tirals that I faced on that island. Being alone, not knowing what was beyond the next tree, and the way I felt as i sat there looking out into the ocean. Let me tell you the story.

It all started when I was about 20, and was told I had to go out and find myself. Well, being native american, I had to do this to prove to the tribe that I was a real man and ready to take my place in the family fighting for the rest of the families traditions.

The sun had not quite come up yet as my father Chief Running Fox walked me to the canoe that I was to go out in. My first trial was to fish and to bring back enough for the family for at least three days. But the weather seemed to have a different thought in mind. I was shivering as I set off in the canoe that morning. I watched my father get further and further away from me.