what is a good outline format for writing a 10 paragraph essay?

what is a good outline format for writing a 10 paragraph essay?
i attend a gifted summer program and my humanities professor has assigned a 4 page 1000 word essay and i have no clue what to do. I also have to write the essay on Animal Farm, (GEORGE ORWELL)and how the novel demontrates and doesn’t demonstrate justice and equality for all. please help me!

When I used to have to write essays, I always used the following format.

Introduction – A brief paragraph stating the points your going to be covering and an overview of the question. For example: I believe that the novel ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell demonstrates both points which are for (brief example from novel) and against (brief example from novel) equality.

Main Point (For) – Find your first point for the argument so how it does demonstrate justice and equality for all, and be sure to use quotes from the book.

Main Point (Against) – For the statement you just demonstrated equality for all with, find a way to make a complete opposite which demonstrates a lack of justice and equality.

Do that for a few different arguments, then reach..

The Conclusion – First go back to the original question to show you havn’t trailed off from the argument, and then give an overview of the points you have covered, before reaching a verdict on which one the evidence points to.

Never state your opinion as this tends to lose marks, but if you want to do that, never use the phrases “I believe” or “In my opinion” but rather “The evidence points to this outcome due to…”

That’s the way I used to do it anyway, good luck with your essay!