what is a good SAT reasoning test score??

what is a good SAT reasoning test score??
I recently took the Sat reasoning test and just got my scores online. I took all of the scores (critical reading, math, writing, etc.) and added them together and got 1691. Is this how you get your overall score, and if it is, is this good?

Your score is supposed to end in a 0. You only add your math, Cr, and writing scores (the three largest numbers). Don’t add the multiple choice score or the essay. So I’m guessing you probably scored in the mid 1600s out of a possible 2400.

The national average is about 1500 but you generally do not want to be in that area anyway as it includes people who go into the exam rooms and fall asleep (no lie). A good score also depends on where you want to go. A state school would probably accept it but it will be difficult to get into more competitive universities.

If you’re not already a senior, retaking might be a good idea and people almost always do better the second time around anyway.