What is a good SAT score?

What is a good SAT score?
I just recently received my scores from the SAT Reasoning Test I took on June 2. The scores are as follows:
Critical Reading: 580
Math: 630
Writing: 640 (MC: 62 Essay: 9)
Total: 1850

Is this a sufficient score for my first time taking the SAT or should I consider taking it again?

That really depends on what your goals are. Where do you want to go to college? If you want to get into the Ivy League schools or anything comparable, that’s not sufficient. If you’re looking one stage lower than those, I would still try and shoot for a 2000+. But for a state school, I think that is probably sufficient, and lower than that, I think you’re good. But it’s always good to take them more than once in any case, because most of the time you’ll improve, and it can’t hurt to have a better score, right? For your first time taking the SAT, this is pretty good, but remember that you can always improve and I would encourage you to try and do so! 😀

By the way, how old are you/what grade are you in? Because if you’ve just finished up junior year then with all the hassle of college applications in the fall of senior year unless you’re really going for top tier schools I might say it’s just not worth it to retake them. But if you’ve just finished sophomore year then you’ve still got time and I would strongly suggest you retake them.