what is a good SAT score to have?

what is a good SAT score to have?
i took a practice PSAT, and got a score of 1600, and i wanted to know if i needed to work harder to achieve a better score as they re taking out the essay portion of the test this year, any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

A “good” SAT score would be at least a 1900. You want at least a 2200 to have at least a decent chance at a prestigious university.
And PSAT is a HORRIBLE predictor of how well you will do on your SAT. Since the PSAT is about an hour and thirty minutes shorter than the SAT, it will be less accurate.

And FYI, the PSAT never had an essay portion. Only the SAT does. The SAT essay becomes optional in the spring of 2016, when the redesigned SAT debuts. However, the schools that everyone knows about (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UChicago, UC Berkeley, Pitzer) still want you to take the essay portion. So really, if you want to go to a good college, it’s virtually obligatory to write the essay.

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