What is a good title for my essay?

What is a good title for my essay?
I have a 14 page essay written for my college composition class, and everything is fine except for my title. It is about how media affects women (body image, etc.) and the good and bad effects of media and technology on children and teenagers. Right now, my title is Media’s Impact on Society, but that just seems really boring. I just want something a little more catchy and exciting!

I agree that your current title is boring and too general.
Usually a good title can be found by scanning your essay and looking for the best phrases in it.
I think a compound title is usually best: a main title and a subtitle, as in “You Are What You Eat: How Consumption of Unhealthy Media Messages Wrecks the Lives of Women and Girls.”
The title is the MOST important part of any essay, book or movie. It’s what people will remember. A title is like the face of a person. Make it attractive, sexy, dramatic, and memorable.
“Twilight” was a great title. So is “The Hunger Games.” So is “Harry Potter and the….” So is “Divergence.” So were “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” So was “Forrest Gump.” “Cinderella Man” was a bad title and caused that movie to fail.
Here’s another model for you: “Bad Romance: How Women and Girls Are Seduced by Mass Media Messages.” OR: “Bad Romance: Are Women and Girls Are Seduced by Mass Media Messages?” As you know, sometimes it is nice to pose a question in your title, so you can spend the whole essay working up to the answer to the question.
Good luck.
Now, don’t use my suggestions, since your teacher/professor might find this answer and accuse you of plagiarism or something like that. Come up with you own great title. (Or you could delete this question.)