What is a Good Topic on Korea to write about?

What is a Good Topic on Korea to write about?
what is a good topic on korea that i could write about or make an essay for?
like for example.. korea entertainment, is kpop bad or good.. is korean music becoming more famous. etc…
i have to make a AP Language and Composition Synthesis Essay and i need to find a topic so that i can make the Synthesis Essay,
Anyone have any ideaS?

I think you can always write about the sudden technological increase on Korea’s economy.
Because it was only in 1945 when Korea was released from Japan’s imperialism. And that’s only 68 year since, and not even 100 years. So that’s still a young country and yet the technology industry in Korea is almost the highest in the world. And you can also talk about their products like Samsung (cellphones, tv, tablets). And if you consider cars as technology, you can talk about all their car products, like Hyundai (Genesis, Sonata, Equus) and Kia.

Hope I helped!