What is a good topic sentence for my Hero Essay?

What is a good topic sentence for my Hero Essay?
here’s the prompt:
What is a Hero? in an organized essay, explain what are the qualities, characteristics and values of a hero. Name someone from your past or present whom you consider a hero that exemplifies these characteristics and how that person has influenced you.

i do not want to start the essay with a question because i heard that is very basic.
please HELP! thanks!

May be a good three paragraph essay, where the first paragraph introduces the idea of hero to you, the second (body) paragraph describes how that person fits/exemplifies that definition, and a brief conclusion.

“Heroes defy easy definition. The media too often recognizes heroes by an event, perhaps detailing the split-second choices made and the actions they took in bettering the lives of others. For the common person not thrown into the spotlight, perhaps more interesting is the idea that heroes can be defined by the accumulation of little actions that they do over a period of time: role models, caregivers, and those who earn life-long respect. For me, heroism is something like < >….. exemplifies this idea of heroism through his/her ____________.”

Good luck!