what is a good topis for a reflective essay?

what is a good topis for a reflective essay?
The directions are to take an example from your own experiences, and reflect on it… like, an example in class was a girl met someone completely covered in tattoos, Then she reflected on why someone might do that to themselves, and got back to the question if it iwas “body art” or self mutilation.
Have any ideas to get me started?

Hello… The world is full of leaders, goods and bads, so you could try with Characteristics of a Leader, is a good topic, you can to reflect about this and is an important topic at the actuality.

Think of some important leaders you know, whether they are good or bad. They may be ancient, modern, made-up, or real. There are certain characteristics that make them a good leader, and, in the same line, a bad leader. In my opinion, the three most important good qualities of leader are honor, loyalty, and putting the people ahead of you.
The first of these qualities, honor, is required because you want your people to trust you. Besides that, you want other leaders, from other nations to trust you…

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