What is a hero not to you?

What is a hero not to you?
I have to right a essay and it includes a paragraph on what a hero is not. Like characteristics and stuff.

Hi. Sorry if I am sloppy with this answer, I am rather tired.

In order to explain what a hero is not, first you have to figure out what a hero is.
So what does it mean to be a hero? Obviously it isn’t about a costume you wear, or a fancy name you make for yourself. If doesn’t take responsibility or justice or any of those things. None of those things matter. If you want to be a hero, all you have to do is care. You find the people who have horrible lives. The people who are in deeper trouble than you… Then you make them feel special. Lie to them if it helps. Tell them that everything is going to be okay… and soon enough they will believe you. And when that happens, well… bang. You’re a person, who has saved somebody’s life and had them look up to you for it… If that isn’t a hero, then god knows what is…

Now think about all of the characteristics that would make you somebody like that. You don’t have to be much… you don’t have to be braver, or stronger, or faster. You just need to be more willing. More understanding. More confident…
If you believe that you can inspire people, then maybe you already have.
Somebody who is not a hero, isn’t somebody who isn’t strong. Or fast. Or powerful. Somebody who isn’t a hero, is… maybe somebody who cares a little too much. Because if we all cared too much, then maybe we wouldn’t even need a hero, right?

Hope I helped! 🙂