What is a historical background of crime in the United States?

What is a historical background of crime in the United States?

Reliable statistics show that participation of persons under age 18 in the criminal activity is a common phenomenon for teenagers. Juveniles at the age of 14-16 reach a consistently high level of development. However, the statistic of juvenile delinquency is significant. In the United States, the number of crimes committed by minors over the age of 16 is 11 times higher than the number of crimes committed by adults. This is primarily due to the “catching” the juvenile delinquency. Many minors are involved in prostitution and drugs addiction, trafficking, prostitution, and drug dealing. Such minors are often sentenced to prison for offenses related to these offenses.

The number of people involved in juvenile crime is growing. There were many cases when the environment of the defendant was so weak that he committed a crime not for reasons

of an unfavorable combination of circumstances, but for the reasons mentioned above. The following is a summary of the problems with juvenile delinquency which should be mentioned in essays on juvenile delinquency:

  • Unemployment, alcoholism, norepinephrine. These are three of the main features of the youthful crime. The lack of attention to the appearance and behavior of the adolescent is a consequence of the influence of unconsciously imbued attitudes, the lack of knowledge of the danger of drinking and driving, low self-esteem and self-confidence, and low self-esteem allows to remain in an inferior position in the eyes of the group, which reduces the need for social support and assistance. The process of addiction formation is repeated every day. The teenager opens the door of the house in the house of his own house and waits for a long time. Thoughts about committing a crime are sparked by irritants which are part of his experience. At the same time, the necessity to use the club is one of the main public problems of adolescents. The images of male part of the family, self-destructive thoughts, difficulties in functioning in conjugal roles are firmly rooted in the minds of the younger generation.
  • The perception of the group is also highly important for the assessment of the teenager’s attitude towards the institution of marriage. The need for new attractive partners is at one level higher than the perception of the individual himself. Thus, the number of respondents seeking marriage is greater than the number of same-sex marriages conducted. In the late adolescent age, the desire for sexual relations is stronger than in youth. The institution of marriage provides a sense of purpose and orientation toward the surrounding world, the applicant for which joins a large number of potential partners.
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    In the context of work with adolescents, it is important to mention that the motivation for many young people to commit an act of aggression is often based on achieving psychological satisfaction, which is often considered as a secondary benefit in the process of sexual orientation discrimination. This concept is widely used in psychology. A ‘psychological picture’ is formed by the interaction of two or more individuals, forming a common psychological perception of the surrounding world. The need for communication with another person, the sense of recognition of another’s needs is stimulated by the higher the level of communication with the surrounding reality, the more active the feeling of openness, mutual service, the higher the level of mutual understanding, the greater the number of common behavioral patterns. The problem of communication with the surrounding reality is generally perceived as the most important psychological factor in the formation of the individual identity in the group of adolescence.

    The high level of self-disclosure and the openness of the surrounding world may be mentioned as the most important psychological of the teenage psyche in terms of its evolutionary development. Adolescence is considered the privileged age of friendship. The need for self-disclosure is largely accounted by the level of the functional integrity of the individual, his socialization. In turn, the content of the sense of own happiness is determined by the level of material comfort which the teenager receives. As a rule, the subjective quality of youth is determined by the combination of self-esteem and emotional experience.

    The somewhat paradoxical fact is that the adolescent’s sense of self-esteem is higher than his sense of self-esteem and emotional experience. First of all, in youth, the perception of own personality is lower, and the attitude towards oneself is more dominant. So, the teenager opens up a whole world of new feelings and gives the opportunity to experience all those emotions that he had before death. The euphoria of youth, the passion for good, and the joy of liberation from selfishness – all these are experienced by the youthful psyche. And the teenager opens his own reality, showing how it is made. The eyes are drawn to the brilliance of the personality and the unlimited possibility of goodness, and this is the motive that prompts to self-disclosure.

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    The relatively high self-esteem of the teenager, the ease of his perception of own uniqueness, may be a good theme for a teen suicide essay. However, in adulthood, a different perception of own personality begins.