What is a proof of your knowledge of sources:

What is a proof of your knowledge of sources:

  • I have used the sources of information and materials on a chosen topic.
  • All the most important sources on this topic are directly related to the main topic.
  • I have a personal view of the problem.
  • It is worth stating that I understand the meaning of the family as a social institution.
  • Starting from the history of the family, it is necessary to prove the relevance of historical examples in the framework of the household as a social institution.
  • The historical path of the family has always been studied.
  • Since the last third millennium, the problem of child abuse has been of great interest to researchers.
  • In the period of the most effective and rapid development of social methods of getting rid of corruption, namely, the operation of the criminal organizations and the formation of a system of state regulation of above all agencies (education and culture ministries, national health, etc.).
  • In these and other examples, you may find enough arguments and facts to convince your readers of the importance of your work.

    The essence of the role

    The role is the little beginning of life of every person. It is the first thing that the individual experiences while eating meals. This is his first look on the world and the first look on the world through the eyes of the whole organization. The image of the person under consideration is the most important element of perception. The image of the institutions with which the person has connected his life is much more important than the level of general education, in which different people perceive the same information.

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    Relevance of the topic for research

    Are you writing the effects of income inequality essay, you should write that, in the broad sense, the middle class is the most important social category, because it is the most numerous and rich part of the population, consisting of the members of the middle class and the lower class. From the economic point of view, the middle class is the most important instrument for introducing a new into the social structure of the country.

    In the system of political patronage, the function of the middle class is to provide the poor with the basics of the state regulation of the society, the implementation of the social transformation of the country, the preservation of its vitality and independence.

    The main activity of the middle class in politics is the struggle for the elimination of feudal abuses, for example, the elimination of autocratic rule, the establishment of a democratic system and the creation of a system of state control over the activities of the upper class.

    In the modern form, the role of the middle class is much stronger than in the past, although its attitude towards civil society is still not very different.

    Describe in the essay on social mobility and equality, it is not easy for modern people to believe in a society where the equals are equal. In recent years, in the process of social transformations, the phenomenon of inequality has been widely discussed, especially in the sphere of economic relations.

    The main trend of the second half of the 20th century was the gradual abolition of feudal privileges and the establishment of equal legal capacity, the adoption of common law and order. However, despite the rapid changes in the material and social sphere, the level of economic inequality has remained at an early stage of the development.

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    There were significant successes in the fight against poverty which may be described in essay on income inequality. In particular, the huge achievement of the War of Independence by the American people, their willingness to pay for education and social protection.

    In the centuries to follow, the privileges of the upper class were repeatedly withdrawn from the average income of the whole population. Only the wealthy could take part in this process.

    Offspring of social mobility

    The second half of the 20th century was characterized by the process of social mobility, especially for women. In the period from the creation of the New World to the end of the last century, the movement for the elimination of slavery was observed in many countries of the world. The movement for the elimination of slavery was especially strong in the hemisphere of the African continent. The radical change in the value system of the slave was carried out mainly in the phase of the movement for the abolition of the British rule over the area of North-Southeast Asia. The Mention in your income inequality essay that, in the years of the revolution, “the upper and middle classes” in the United States grew, became a “fourth class” in the hearts of the average families of the middle class.

    The main trend of the second half of the 20th century was the gradual abolition of the rule of the metropolis faced by the urban poor. The property of the lower classes was redistributed. The emancipation of the poor was extensive. The number of farmlands doubled. The number of urban poor declined. But the rich still had to spend more money on the purchase of land, more slaves, more papers, more clothing.