what is a psychiatric tech and what do they do?

what is a psychiatric tech and what do they do?
what does a psych tech do, where can you get a job as one, and how do you become one?
I’ve never even heard of it before until I was looking online for jobs in the psychology/human service fields. How much schooling do you need to be one, and where can you get a job in the Massachusetts area as on?

Psychiatric technicians typically work in institutional settings with people who have mental illnesses or developmental disabilities. Under the supervision of a health care professional, psychiatric technicians assist patients with personal care and hygiene, administer medications, help patients participate in individual and group activities, and monitor patient progress. Depending on their level of certification and their employer, some psychiatric technicians provide additional services, such as keeping records, admitting patients, and participating in treatment planning.
Voluntary certification is offered through the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians (AAPT) and is available at four levels. Psychiatric technician certification level 1 requires a high school diploma or GED and completion of an exam. Level 2 requires completion of 30 semester hours (or 40 quarter hours) of college courses and one year of experience working in the mental health or developmental disabilities field. Level 3 requires 60 semester hours (or 80 quarter hours) of college courses and two years experience, and level 4 requires a bachelor degree in a related field and three years of experience. Levels 2, 3, and 4 also require successful completion of essay examinations.
The median base salary for psychiatric technicians across the United States is between $25,000 and $32,700, with the highest 10% earning more than $36,700.
Not sure about said jobs in the Mass. area. Best bet is to check with local psychiatric facilities; mental health practitioners. Good Luck