What is a reflective essay?

What is a reflective essay?
I need to do a reflective essay for my higher English class and i don’t know how to do it as my teacher never really explained what a reflective essay was :/ and so i have looked it up and read that it is something like writing about a thing that you have done or and experience you have had that has changed you in a way and you need to reflect back on it…. but i don’t know if this is right. So i was wondering if anyone else could explain it in a better way? and when i handed in my last reflective essay my teacher told me i was being too narrative so how do i not be narrative if that makes sense? thanks 🙂

You’re definition is correct. 🙂 All you have to do is write about what you learned in your English class this year and then elaborate about it. Talk about what you liked/disliked, what was helpful/not helpful, what will be useful in future classes, and literature you liked. Talk about experiences that were important to you. I think the best way to explain a reflective essay is… a paper in which you write your personal thoughts about an experience.

When your teacher said that your paper was “too narrative,” she probably meant that it sounded too much like a story. She doesn’t want you to write a plot about what you did in class, she wants your *opinions* about what you did in class.