What is a research paper?

What is a research paper?

This type of academic assignments is meant for probing into the mysteries of the world, proposing alternative to the familiar only on the basis of certain observations. The paper should describe such issues as the impact of radiation on living organisms, the consequences of thermal and nuclear fusion, problems of navigation and due to earthquakes and volcanism.

The mission of the thesis is to propose a new solution that did not be proposed in any other academic paper before. The researcher should focus on obtaining several results confirming the thesis. In the course of the study, various experiments and theories should be tested. The possibility of using live organisms should be rather high. The most obvious example of this type is protonation. The single life stage is the imposition of thermonuclear pressure on the cell.

To support this idea, you can propose the following example: it is known that spontaneous thermonuclear combustion has been forbidden by law in many countries of the world. Nowadays, it is possible to convert any molecule of the reacting mixture into a gaseous gas and release it into the atmosphere. Keeping in mind that it is possible to take the reacting mixture as a sponsor, it is much easier to take it as a gaseous material.

So, you may state that protonation is the first step towards the construction of a nuclear power plant.

How to write nuclear energy essay?

This type of energy is quite similar to the previous, i.e. a reactor and a source of heat. You need to use the reaction of deuterium synthesis with tritium, as a result of which a helium nucleus and a neutron are formed.

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A necessary condition for such a reaction is the presence of a high temperature mixture (one hundred million degrees). Only, in this case, the reacting particles can overcome the electrostatic repulsion and, in the event of a collision, to come close to each other for a short distance with which reaction is possible. With such temperature, the hydrogen isotopes are completely ionized and converted into plasma – a mixture of electrons and ions.

In addition to the temperature level, the plasma lifetime multiplied by the reacting ions should be high enough for a positive energy discharge. The latter condition is called the Lawson criterion.

The main physical problem that the researchers encountered at the first steps on the way to thermonuclear fusion is the numerous plasma instabilities leading to plasma turbulence. They shortened the plasma lifetime to a value lower than expected and did not allow the fulfillment of the Lawson criterion. Over 40 years of research, it has been possible to find ways to deal with instabilities and to construct facilities capable of retaining turbulent plasma.

During the inertial thermonuclear fusion, several milligrams of the deuterium-tritium mixture are compressed by the shell. During the evaporation, it is accelerated by reactive forces caused by powerful laser or X-ray radiation. Energy is released in the form of micro-explosion if the necessary conditions for thermonuclear combustion are achieved in a mixture of deuterium and tritium in the process of compression.

You may inform the reader of the research paper on energy that future thermonuclear reactor will supposedly operate in the regime of successive micro explosions at a frequency of several hertz, and the energy released in the chamber will be removed by the coolant and used to generate electricity.

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Over the years, great progress has been made in understanding the physical processes of the target occurring during its compression and the interaction with laser and X-ray radiation. Moreover, modern multilayer targets have already been used for research. The first experimental thermonuclear reactor with a capacity of 400 MW was tested in Japan.

Currently, other tools for direct conversion of solar energy are being developed. Most of them are based on the use of ion and electron beams, the creation of X-rays using Z-pinches. Scientists in the United States have been working on the construction of National Ignition Facility designed to produce an ignition.

Another direction in controlled thermonuclear fusion which may be described in alternative energy sources research paper is reactors based on magnetic confinement. The magnetic field is used to isolate the hot deuterium-tritium plasma from contact with the inner surface of the capsule. Unlike inertial reactors, magnetic fusion reactors are stationary devices with relatively low volumetric energy release and large dimensions.

During 40 years of thermonuclear research, various systems for magnetic confinement have been proposed, among which the tokamak occupies a leading position. Another system for magnetic confinement of plasma is a stellarator. Large stellarators are currently being built in Japan and Germany.

In a tokamak, the hot plasma has the form of a torus and is kept from contact with the surface by means of a magnetic field generated both by external magnetic coils and by current flowing through the plasma itself.