What is a research paper structure

What is a research paper structure

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, a research paper is quite different from what is usually known by the general public. The matter is that most people recognize the research paper as something that is much more difficult than just a normal essay or a persuasive essay, and what would you consider as a difficult assignment. The research paper however, is designed to check the student’s ability for critical thinking and also to promote their critical thinking skills. To make it easier for you to realize your own ideas, we will give you some tips that will make your creative process two times quicker and easier.

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the topic that you feel passionate about. Do not pick the topic too broad. The issue of diversity and equality should be considered from several angles. For example, if you are writing a research paper on gender inequality, there is no need to touch upon the issues of male and female roles in society. Just write about gender roles in modern society. Or consider having a gender equality essay thesis and the main statement that you will be proving by this essay. Gender roles in the modern society are also different for everyone. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to single out specific examples. However, it is useful to write about the three most common gender based roles and compare them. To make your paper more original, you can write it like this: “Gender stereotypes in the workplace” essay. It is also useful to look for the answers to the questions that you are looking for. For example, this could be something like ‘Why gender roles are important?’ essay. It is worth to mention that, in the real world, people can be divided into the two genders based on their appearance. But the fact that people are divided into two genders and have different roles in the family, work, social roles, and in many other cases, shows that the stereotypes are not being fulfilled in the modern society.

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Let’s look at the examples of the most popular gender based roles and compare them. To start, we are going to look at the situation with men and women in the first case. How they behave in everyday life and relationships are built on them. So, we can see that there are some personality traits that are common for each gender. However, the fact that men and women are different by gender, shows that the stereotype is not being fulfilled in the modern society.

For example, the imagery of a man in the role of a woman is still widely used in marketing technologies and much less often than before. Men are advertised in public spaces like billboards and social media, while women are left to have own business. Gender stereotypes are also widespread on the internet. For example, there are many jokes about women in the popular music. Advertisements can be considered as the reason for gender stereotypes.

So, we can see that the solution to this problem is to look at the situation from a different perspective. While also looking for the current gender stereotypes tendencies in society, we can find quite interesting things that look just like we already do, but they are actually performed mainly for men because of the fact that men are usually perceived as more dominant gender compared to women. In order to find the other gender stereotypes essay topics, we recommend you to look more closely at the social situations that cause the need for traditionally male behavior. You might be surprised to hear it, but there are many social factors that lead to the issue of gender inequality. Let’s look at the situation with children and marriage.

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Gender inequality in the family

In the patriarchy family, men are dominant in a marriage. They still get an active role in social life, equal opportunities in education and equal responsibility in work, and do not yet tend to take on the role of a partner in the family. This tendency is called the homogeneous nature of marital relations. Considering gender roles in modern families, you may find here many similarities between the sphere of marriage, husband and wife, the role of the emotional connection between spouses.

There are many stereotypes of women as emotional and good-natured, capable of having a good job and being good parents. We can call this stereotype sexist. As we know, the imagery of a woman in the role of an emotional leader, communicator, can often be considered as the result of the cultural stereotypes about women, their ability to feel empathy and to appear convincing, to feel respect, such traits as weakness of emotions, lack of desire for the child, the lack of sensitivity or fear of competition. In addition to the above-mentioned cultural stereotypes, we can also add that the society is divided by the gender stereotypes: the lady is weak, the man – strong, the stereotyping of women is prevalent, especially when it comes to the issue of marriage.

There are studies on the topic that have differed between men and women in their attitude for having children.