what is a rhetorical expression?

what is a rhetorical expression?
i know what a rhetorical question is now but i now i need to know what a rhetorical Expression means or is. thank you for whoever helps me! 😀 i need an answer ASAP!!

a type of discourse that focuses on the intent of a speech or essay which wants to sway the audience’s mind.

“We need never deny the presence of strife, enmity, factions, as a characteristic motive of rhetorical expression. “We need not close our eyes to their almost tyraneous ubiquity in human relations; we can be on the alert always to see how such temptations to strife are implicit in the institutions that condition human relationships; yet we can at the same time always look beyond this order, to the principle of identification in general, a terministic choice justified by the facts that the identifications in the order of love are also characteristic of rhetorical expression. ” ”Kenneth Burke A Rhetoric of Motive