what is a SAT EXAM? how do you prepare for it?

what is a SAT EXAM? how do you prepare for it?

There are two types of SAT exams.
SAT Reasoning is made of sections which test your proficiency in critical reading, math, and writing. Each of the three sections is worth 800 points overall, making the highest possible score on the SAT I a 2400. The writing portion also involves an essay, which is scored by two graders out of 6 each, making the highest possible score a 12.
SAT Subject tests are individual tests which evaluate your proficiency in specific subject areas, such as math, chemistry, English literature, French, US history, etc. Each of these tests has a unique setup. The highest score possible on any individual subject test is an 800.

You can prepare for the SAT I/II by self-studying through use the prep books, offered by companies such as Barron’s, Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc. You can also take SAT prep courses at companies which offer them, like Elite and IvyMax. For the SAT IIs, oftentimes taking an AP course at your school will be enough to adequately prepare you for the test.