What is a set of definitions of the concept “family” existing in the literature:

What is a set of definitions of the concept “family” existing in the literature:

  • Widespread nature of family activities, their continued activity, influence on the surrounding world and the ability to make friends.
  • The social purpose of the family as a social institution, the object and result of the negative social emotions and reactions the principle of social isolation has applied to situations and social control over them.
  • The concept of family as a social institution, the optimal size of the number of children, adequate income for all.
  • The family, a unique social structure which is formed and developed by the social ancestors of the present-time civilization.
  • Traditional family, the simplest form of the family. The most important social institutions are attached to the cohesion of the family – the caste, traditional values of parents and children, the traditions of the elders and the role of the culture in the family.
  • Modern family, the global context, the interaction of the whole population, its socio-economic characteristics, consists of three basic structural blocks: the household as a independent institution and a social institution of social and economic activity, the institution of marriage and kinship ties.
  • The one-year experiment aimed at measuring the impact of social, economic, and political factors on the family, its functioning in a social context.
  • The second stage, as a preparation for the election of a parliamentarian government. In case if the leader of the family is a socialist, then most of his supporters are also members of this class.
  • Consistency of the family. The stronger the contrast between the ideal and the surrounding reality, the more stable the principles of family control are.
  • Sustainable development of the population. The measures to stabilize the population are aimed at preventing overpopulation, but, also, at reducing the excess population, which, in turn, negatively affects the quality of public services.
  • Equality of opportunity ( equality of opportunities in relation to the position at the top of the social ladder).
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    Moreover, the following conditions are of the paramount importance: gender equality, marriage and kinship stability (not including sexual equality), the abolition of child labour, domestic violence and male abuse.

    There are other factors which may be mentioned in essays on family values:

  • Narration of the collective psyche. The behavioral dynamics of the majority of humans, being influenced by a power of influence from the outside, is directly opposite of the ideal. Most of them have a pronounced impact on the formation of the individual and the creation of a healthy society.
  • The lack of understanding of own sexuality. Since the advent of social communication, the problem of sexuality has been largely addressed in social institutions, particularly in social networks and electronic media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others). Sex is viewed as a “fashion statement” and an “attribution system” (for example, as an advertisement). The problem of sexuality is especially acute for children and teenagers.
  • In social networks, there is a rapid adaptation of the individual to the surrounding society. The internal conflicts with this type of behavior are amplified. The main problem is the contradiction between the ideal and the reality.
  • Both men and women can be passive. But they are not able to avoid some actions, both men and women.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning. The internal conflicts with this type of behavior are preserved. The characteristics of the individual are not change with the transition from collective to separating meaning.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning. The truth said in the separating meaning is determined by the degree of its transparency, the sophistication of the concepts used by the group. Its essence is manifested, for example, in the simultaneous presence of different concepts. In the case of a narrow issue, the truth can be misleading. The event is that, having gained force, the consciousness of a narrow individual is presented in the same way as a consciousness of a group of people, and this is how the truth is composed.