What is a speech definition: an individual, living in a group of people, communicating with other people and being connected by common language mechanisms.

What is a speech definition: an individual, living in a group of people, communicating with other people and being connected by common language mechanisms.

In the speech definition essay, you should analyze how people of various social groups speak to each other. Perform a search for unique intellectual expressions, retelling stories, discuss what is happening in their lives.

The topics related to the analysis of the subject are society, public opinion, the degree of social understanding of the world around. Of course, if we are talking about the abstract ideas, it is very important to keep the discussion of the word in front of the reader. The more people know the word, the more its value is.

To find the best information for your essays on words, we recommend you to read the professional sources as well as the scientific works. Now, all you need to do is to organize these excerpts by the topic sentences so that the text follows the rules of common sense.

Writing about the world

The meaning of the word “world” is completely in the meaning of the whole human lifestyle, which leads to a misconception of the concept of happiness. People believe that happiness is the ability to create wealth only for themselves. There are many ways to achieve success in life, and some of them is quite obvious: wealth is energy and strength, and happiness is a chance to receive it.

However, there are very few such factors that contribute to happiness. We invite you to look at the, so-called, objective factors of social position which affect the degree of happiness in a person. These are all social factors, and happiness is a combination of certain personality traits. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that happiness is caused by a person’s independent work, fair treatment, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, material prosperity, success, and personal initiative. These are personal qualities which are usually combined with the attitude towards the social institution, way of living, educational and marriage goals.

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In the context of work, the meaning of happiness is associated with the activities of all layers of society: social, economic, political, legal, and cultural. Each of them has certain negative aspects. To make a definition of happiness, it is important to understand the full meaning of this concept, which is manifested, for example, in the collective good and the ability to influence the world.

Collective good is the value of the results produced by all members in the group which is coordinated by the principle of collective responsibility. The group is divided into generations and each of them has its own characteristics. The generation is a part of the social system, the level of which determines the quality of labour, etc. In the system of sacrifice, the life of the collective is not limited by law, tradition, and religion.

  • An example of the definition of happiness in the collective space was given in the sociological research: it is a joint and mutually beneficial activity which arose out of a number of individual mutually beneficial economic processes, was created and maintained by strong social connections. The main principle of coordination was the participation of the group in the process of production and distribution of wealth.

    The most important cultural and social expression of the concept of happiness is the beauty of nature – one of the main values. The word “honesty” combines such categories as veneration, honesty with respect to any personality. And here, recalling the imperial tradition, it is worth saying that, even in its highest manifestations, this concept remains in the unconscious phase. The dictionary defines “honesty” only with regard to the inner state of a person, his behavior or attitude towards others. In other words, it does not include such aspects of activity as greed, which is considered as one of the roots of the state conflict of the class in the United States.

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    It should be emphasized in the “What makes the best family happy?” essay that the modern family faces many problems at the present time. There is no wonder that most families suffer from violence and turbulence. The transformation of the ideal family into the “Family of Success” takes place now.

    The following definition of happiness, which is often used in marketing essays, is able to be described as simply as happiness in the environment of overall economic crisis: the value added to material well-being is less than the value of material comfort which is provided in the framework of certain expectations. In the context of economic crisis, the family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by common values.

    Currently, families consist of young children, mothers and children. They live in a house filled with intelligent household appliances. Color TV is the main addressee.