What is a standard way to publish in a peer-reviewed academic journal:

What is a standard way to publish in a peer-reviewed academic journal:

  • Title page.

  • Table of contents: all the headings of the chapters must be numbered and intended. On the right side, opposite the title, the page number is indicated. Dots must be placed between the words and the page number.
  • The page number is indicated in the subject, after which the page number is indicated in the bibliography.
  • The table of contents makes it easier to find the necessary information elements, since it includes not only the main sections but also sections with sub-sections.
  • In the table of contents, you should specify the page numbers of the chapters and sub-sections, the dates of their publication, the pages on which these works were written.
  • How to write a dissertation conclusion?

    Thinking about what to write in the chapters, degree seekers often underestimate the conclusion of dissertation. As in the abstract, the dissertation is presented in the form of a brief summary of the results obtained and the reasons for his appointment. Here, the author presents the themes of the project which were studied and presents his own interpretation of the results obtained. It is all the necessary parts of the paper are present in the conclusion. However, it is difficult for the candidate to summarize all the research, displaying the aspect of the issue which, however, should be analyzed in detail. In the end, it is appropriate to express a new opinion. Having compiled the text correctly, you can ask a question which you plan to answer in the end of the paper.

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    How to write a literary analysis essay?

    It is necessary to analyze the work of English and French writers, as well as any other literary work. The literary analysis essay definition presupposes the independent assessment and evaluation of the text. It is necessary to cite the thoughts of the author, as well as the judgments that he incurred due to the interpretation of the sources, the use of certain words and concepts.

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    Though such work requires a wide experience, the author still has to show a deep knowledge of the topic. As a rule, such topics are revision by the teacher. The student must evaluate the text several times with the greatest detail. The work is reread and improved by the teacher until the words are completely disclosed. This is a very important step, because the impact of the learner’s work is especially strong when the text is changed and improved.

    The main thing that is needed to achieve the highest accuracy is to learn how to read the sources on a chosen topic. However, the easiest way to achieve this level of knowledge is to compile a reliable literature review as well as relevant references.

    It is necessary to identify the main ideas of the paper and to give a detailed explanation of the ideas expressed. The literary analysis essay thesis should be brief and precise.