What is a survey for adolescents. Its purpose is to find out the desires, aspirations, needs, and aspirations of a teenage audience. It is expressed in such results that the value of the individual and groups of people is taken into account.

What is a survey for adolescents. Its purpose is to find out the desires, aspirations, needs, and aspirations of a teenage audience. It is expressed in such results that the value of the individual and groups of people is taken into account.

The nature of the survey is such that the options of selection of a partner are quite limited. Only 1-3 responses are considered to be the enough criterion for the diagnosis of alcoholism.

Of course, the specificity of the survey is that it is aimed at the establishment of a relationship between the subject and the problem of alcoholism, rather than the determination of the individual characteristics of a person. However, it is unmistakable that the purpose of the publication of the results is to influence the choice of further actions.

A specific characteristic of the experimental method is the choice of a behavioral model. The subject is a forced communicator. The purpose of the study is to probe the mechanism of the addiction formation. To understand this, you can consider the example of the positive test for alcohol which was described in the chapter “Testing the hypotheses.”

The idea for the “Why the drinking age should not be lowered to 18?” essay is supported by the answer of the American Medical Association (AMA) in its position regarding the problem of child alcoholism. In this regard, the AMA argued that age restrictions have the positive aspects.

The problem of the lack of communication with people outside the laboratory added to the problems of the lack of experience. Communication with peers is often not established, which, in turn, negatively affects the study results. That is why the research of the problem of adolescent alcoholism is focused on the impact of the company.

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The strongest argument for the importance of keeping the age at 21 is the strong friendship of students and their social lives. Most importantly, this happens at the very beginning of the semester when students face the difficulties of the second semester. The behavior of students is strongly influenced by the environment in which they live. Therefore, the introduction of age restrictions is seen in the textbooks of many educational institutions.

The subtleties of the search for an information. The first thing that interests the researcher is the question of the choice of the method for obtaining the data. There are several types. Let’s consider a few of them.

  • The search using special methods. The most common of these are referred to as the psychological research. The object of the study is a piece of information about a person or an object of knowledge about, the characteristics of such properties which the subject attributes to him or her. Such types can be compared with a set of other factors influencing the probability of having a particular characteristic (like the sex of the person or the religion in which the work is written).
  • The study of characteristics of adolescent alcoholism. The second definition of this concept is close to the previous one, namely, the observation of characteristics of the adolescent (sexual, adolescent) in a general (sexual) form and having regard to certain characteristics of the adolescent (the social status of the adolescent, the type of interests, etc.).
  • The creation of a family. The researchers found that in adolescents the attitude towards parents is not formed. Most mothers believe that parents should be active in the child’s life, in social groups (for example, collect the contributions to the family budget from child taxes). Mothers also tend to impose on the child their responsibilities in the management of childcare. In other words, parents take on the role of the social father.

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  • The attitude towards children. The researchers found that the most important thing is the attitude of parents towards their children, their confidence and love. Most parents believe that kids are the most important thing in the family. To a certain extent, this is true. But in the complex reality, kids do not exactly fit into the roles of the most valued objects.
  • The role of education in the family. The researchers showed that in the case of the decay of the family, children lose the value of childhood, the feeling of security, and the desire for own good, the attractiveness of own person. The value of the child is lowered along with the value of the individual (the higher the number of times removed from childhood). These changes in the value system are reflected in the attitude of the parents to their child, their authority.
  • The role of the marriage. The researchers found that the idealized family has the following characteristics:
  • role reversal (the husband and wife have different functions: the husband is the head of the family and the wife is the creation of a family;
  • relative stability of the family, high family income;
  • ownership of property, presence of material goods, etc.
  • Adolescent marriage is not only inclined to long-term relationships. Many young people prefer to have children to a child over the marriage. Marriage is an interpersonal relationship between spouses loving each other.