What is a system of interrelated and dependent relationships between the subjects that can be described in essays on friendship. They are arranged according to the principle of similarity and equality.

What is a system of interrelated and dependent relationships between the subjects that can be described in essays on friendship. They are arranged according to the principle of similarity and equality.

The study of individuality and friendship is interrelated. On the one hand, the egoist group and the typical social position (manager and participant) are represented, and on the other – friendship is regarded as an exchange of benefits.

The exchange of rewards is mediated, which helps to maintain the relationship between the participants, to cover the information gaps and to facilitate the perception of the results of the interaction.

Because of the flexibility of the organization of friendship, various forms of its manifestation are observed: self-disclosure, group membership, wife/husband, parental responsibility, support, etc.

Thus, the objective analysis of the degree of manifestation of friendly relations is conducted. The behavior of individuals is regulated by a set of norms of the interaction with the surrounding reality, including the exchange of rewards for emotional and moral support in the context of the unequal relationship between people.

The internal value of friendship is equal for all members of the group. Thanks to the inclusive development of friendly relations, the relationship between them is one of the most important aspects of the theory of friendship.

The exchange of rewards for emotional and moral support is a real phenomenon. The motivation for this is a common for all participants in the interaction.

With the help of analysis of rewards, an exchange of benefits is carried out. The behavior of both participants is determined by the optimal choice of the relationship between the partners and the outcome of the interaction.

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Considering the good and the bad sides of friendship in social networks, you may find:

  • both humiliation and offering of rewards for active participation in friendship;
  • both genuine friendship and the imitation of real social behavior;
  • the difference between love and simple comradely communication;
  • the effect of embarrassment on positive psychology and behavior of a friend on self-respecting society;
  • hostility of the other person, the causes, and consequences of the difficulties in maintaining friendly relations;
  • the propensity of friends to each other (intimacy);
  • the inability of victims to accept the reality of their own deeds, the same-old psychology of jealousy;
  • the excessive need for the growth of popularity among friends.
  • Thus, in friendship, the image of the ideal, manifested in the collective consciousness of the individual, is closer to the ideal created by the ego of the individual, his individuality connected to the collective consciousness of the whole society.

    The above-mentioned facts are general for branches of it such as television, social media on the internet, and advertising. We should also remember at this point, that each of those forms of communication has its own set of features.

    Thus, the topic of the conversation with a friend is not limited to looking for a common language with a number of common behaviors, although this is the most important function of the medium.

    The most important feature of the relationship between friends is the degree of their selectivity, their individuality and individuality. All kinds of relationships are subject to the influence of one another: social, professional, family, work, educational, academic, etc.

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    In the context of relationships between peers, there is a ton of different characteristics which may be described in essays about friendship. We can talk about the three main types:

  • Organization. The characteristics of this type are usually associated with the activity of the individual: he is a “team worker” in the group. The work of such a specialist is determined by the choices and demands of the supervisor.
  • Availability of positions. This is one of the most important characteristics of friends. You can provide the following examples in a “What makes a good friend?” essay.
  • True friendship does not have a short history. The word “friend” is most likely a synonym for “friend” in Greek. As a rule, in the predatory period of society, the word “friend” means the “throws” of any kind of negative motivated non-social activity, whether it is the desire for friendship or a common ancestor call to action.
  • These are the main characteristic features of such relationships.